Inspired by a childhood on the Connecticut Shoreline, DJ Howell moved from applied microbial ecology into environmental law and finally environmental stewardship, particularly as found in popular culture, with a variety of publications along the way, including four nonfiction books.  Today, she considers herself a “practical” cultural ecologist, with a focus on popular culture.  Her professional and scholarly careers are summarized at the DJ Howell LinkedIn site.  Her Facebook page is under the name Dorothy Howell

Wadchanuk: Keeper of Stories is devoted to her unpublished and miscellaneous writings, complementing those publications.  What she has discovered is that her vocation and avocations are deeply integrated; she is, in fact, a cultural ecologist, in whom and through whose writings are found virtually all the elements addressed by the array of cultural ecology disciplines, especially in her Environmental Studies doctoral dissertation, Where You Can Hear the Sea and See the Sound.

In sum, DJ Howell’s life is one steeped in self, place, and identity – and identity in exile.  But she has returned from exile to the Connecticut Shoreline (yes, the upper case is appropriate), to which place she belongs.  Hence, the personal story behind the stories distributed throughout this site.