In the summer of 2014, a friend who shares my interest in matters Native American attempted to plant the traditional Three Sister -- corn, beans, squash -- according to the natural schedule followed by Native Americans, including our own Pequots and Mohegans.   Corn is planted first, then the beans, which climb the corn.  Then squash are planted around the first two sisters.  Because squash has scratching leaves, it discourages raccoons and other creatures fond of corn from reaching it.  Timing was not according to contemporary calendars but according to the events such as development of Dogwood buds dictated by the seasonal weather patterns.  The images below were selected from the photo-journal of the adventure.

Dogwood -- the time is right for planting corn, the first sister


Several kernels of corn are inserted in a slightly raised circle


Corn, with the start of the second sister, the beans


All of the sisters present , although it turned out the beans were planted too late to allow them to flourish


Three Sisters minus one