This forested path lies above the salt marsh between Shell Beach (shown above) and my childhood home, so profoundly formative of my career and avocations.  Identity and imagination forever reside here.  And so, that identity and the associated imagination are represented in Wadchanuk's stories of self, place, identity, and identity in exile.  Wadchanuk is my Quinnipiac name, and it was well chosen.

For too long I was an identity in exile before I could return here to the Connecticut shoreline.  A wealth of stories maintained my connection to the land and water.   My avocations are found in a life-long fascination with Native America -- present as well as historical, individual as well as cultural; Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan of the Apes; and his literary descendent, Jer'ok-ta of the Aranda, Lord of Two Worlds.  My scholarly vocation is found throughout this site, but expressly in Scholars' Corner.  This is a site that is growing and will continue to grow so long as Wadchanuk can tell the stories she is keeping.